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BIM Modeling Services

One of the more recent services we have begun to offer is our 3D BIM Modeling services.  We convert your 2D CAD floorplans and elevations into a 3D model and provide you with perspective line-work views of your project.  This service is not a finish service but rather a service provided along the way and becomes part of the design process itself.  If your design is more complicated  or not easily understood in conventional 2D CAD elevations, these 3D perspectives can aid in understanding the decisions you are making for not only your client but also yourself.  We provide static .pdf perspective views and if desired the models themselves in various formats to manipulate and explore yourself.  We have had a lot of success thus far with clients testing multiple design options and even beginning to add very rough conceptual materials.  Since this is new service and we are finding that each client we have offered it to has used in completely differently, the possibilities at this point are limitless.  These are a few ways so far that our clients have used our 3D modeling service:  

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